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Skateboarding is a very popular global action sport that involves riding and performing tricks on a skateboard. Believe it or not the skateboarding industry is a 4.6-billion-dollar industry and there’s thought to be over 11 million active skateboarders.

There are two different types of skateboards. There is a longboard and short board. Longboards are extremely different then brief boards since longboards are like the title very long and have big wheels that allows for cruising at greater speeds. On the other hand, short boards have more of a concave for soda and are smaller and are more ideal for suggestions instead of just riding.

It has been said that skateboarding was created in California but nobody really knows. Skateboarding was created from the late 40’s early 50’s by surfers that wanted to something to do when the waves were flat. The first fabricated skateboard was ordered by a Los, Angeles surf store meant to help users utilize their surfing maneuvers on land. They used boards shaped like surfboards and carved around the streets and local pools which were empty. The old school boards were a square wooden board with wheels on it. From the 1970’s skateboarding blew there were more companies which were manufacturing boards and it was becoming very popular. Skaters were riding empty pools like they were surfing a wave which created a revolution in skateboarding. In this time there were a lot of competitions in the California and Florida regions which most of the time the rewards were cash and sponsorships by companies. Also the technology for making planks was better so rather than wooden silhouette boards with simple layouts the planks were becoming more sophisticated. In the sense of these boards were being made with more concave which helps for jumping and grinding rails.

There are two different sorts of skateboarding, street and vert. Vert is the act of riding a skateboard on a skate ramp or an incline which involves transitioning from horizontal plane to vertical plane. The area which skateboarders usually skate vert is in a skate park that is a park designed for skateboarding that has ramps, rails, and other obstacles which skateboarders will have the ability to hit on a skateboard. The most famous vert skateboarder which everyone in the world knows about this guy is Tony Hawk. He is famous for getting gigantic air on huge vert ramps and he’s the first skateboarder to successfully land a 900 spin on a vert ramp. On the other hand, street skating is much different then vert whereas rather than skateboarding in a skate park skaters use the road as their park.

By way of example, skaters would attempt to ollie (jumping on a skateboard) over stairs and attempt to grind handrails which are going down the stairs. As a skater once you have this mindset of the things you’ll be able to hit you will never lose that believing. When street skating one doesn’t have to hit stairs but could hit ledges which are everywhere or wall ride a random wall. There’s a lot of controversy over this since plenty of skateboarders get arrested or called the cops on since people or business think skateboarders are destroying their property. Which in most cases isn’t true but I could see why they don’t want skateboarders doing it because grinding down a handrail does leave scratches on the rail. That’s why skateboarders have such a bad stereotype of being destructive savages.

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